2013-11-20 My dandelion experience – Rachel

There is something special about the Dandelion School that I have never seen before. My experience here has been very full of meaning. The teachers and students have become like my family. They are always so kind, so giving and generous. I am amazed by how everyone at this school gives so much honor and respect to just one person. At this school, people are treated the way they should be treated. I like the way this school always welcomes new ideas and input. We are all learning together.

One of my favorite parts about staying at this school has been hearing the stories of my students, and becoming their friend. Everyone has a story, and I want them to know that their story is important. I hear their stories and go on home visits, and I learn the students live hard lives full of pain. This makes me very grateful the Dandelion School is here to help them, and to give these students hope for their future.

I believe in what this school is doing and i am honored to help out however I can.